Vantage Pipeline

The proposed Vantage Pipeline is a high vapour pressure (HVP) pipeline carrying ethane from a source near Tioga, North Dakota, U.S.A., extending northwest, through Saskatchewan, Canada, and terminating near Empress, Alberta, Canada. The pipeline will link a growing supply of ethane from North Dakota to markets in Alberta.
The proposed Vantage Pipeline will be approximately 700 km long (430 miles) steel pipeline, with an outside diameter of 273 mm (11 inch).
The proposed Vantage Pipeline will require approvals from both Canadian and US regulatory agencies.

Through ongoing public consultation with landowners, communities, and any other interested stakeholders, we can address project-related questions and concerns and, more importantly, use this feedback to improve our activities during the development, construction, and operation of the proposed Vantage Pipeline. We value your input and will make every effort
to answer your questions or provide additional project information.

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